Professional sound manufacturer, outstanding acoustics quality, extraordinary quality

Professional sound manufacturer, outstanding acoustics quality, extraordinary quality


Professional sound manufacturer, outstanding acoustics quality, extraordinary quality

  Guangdong EGO Performance Equipment Co.,Ltd formerly known as yi song sound science and technology co., LTD, set up time can be traced back to 1997, since its establishment has been engaged in the design of electroacoustic electronic products production and sales, the current products covered the mixer Professional power amplifier The surrounding public broadcasting audio campus education, and other areas of the widely used

The company adopts the international standard in quality management system, starting in 2003 recognised by CCC CE and related industry sectors and awarded the certificate Used in the production with the international synchronization of process equipment and control processes, product quality indicators to get reliable guarantee, the company from design to procurement production inspection incoming inspection, warehousing logistics sales and after-sales service has formed the whole process of quality control system

Unique research and development design and production control team, perfected the quality management system, continuous sound business strategy, for the company won the honor from various aspects, including credit unit of innovation-oriented enterprises Credit enterprise, etc., with the improving of the company's comprehensive strength as well as the company's product line, multi-type including multimedia sound professional electronics consumer electronics Communication class acoustics also makes the company has long-term stability of high-quality customer base, and constantly bring to the company new market opportunities and development space

Look to the future, the company will make full use of the advantages of traditional Chinese professional design and production of professional audio, gradually increase the intensity of research and development of independent intellectual property rights technology, tightly around the better life of the enterprise vision, to create a good social benefit and economic benefit as the goal, heavenly man has always been adhering to the people-oriented, creating opportunities for staff, creating benefits for shareholders, for the purpose of the social responsibility of business, keep in mind the fine efficiency, integrity, innovation, love and values, and the essence of the values and alloys fine rapid decisive innovation is responsible for the fair self-strengthening love heavenly style throughout the course of the work to the electroacoustic industry gradually become bigger and stronger, and strive to build a world class manufacturer of professional audio.

 EGO Performance Equipment Co.,Ltd

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